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Hastings Produce & Rural Supplies has a vast range of animal health products along with professional friendly advice, that means you will be well informed and your animals will be looked after. We stock a wide range of animal health products for pets, equine and farm use.

Our animal health products include, feed additives, pro-biotic’s, medications, vitamins, minerals, first aid, wormer’s and anti-parasitic products, diuretics, shampoos, first aid products and hoof care. Our animal health care product range will cover all your requirements for all livestock, horses, cows, birds, poultry, sheep, dogs and cats, rabbits and more. We also stock a range of horse clippers, trimmers and blades, blankets and more. Call and speak with one of our friendly professional staff today, its easy and we also supply free delivery for orders over $100.00. Call now on (03) 5979 1230 and experience the difference.

Do you feed by weight or scoops?

We regularly have the discussion in regard to the feeding of horses as to what quantity of feed you provide your horse. This often results in a discussion on scoops. Most feed companies now provide a feeding recommendation on their bags which discuss feeding rates in kilograms per day rather than scoops per day. So it would make sense to follow the recipe and add the number of kilograms suggested.

In many situations where horses have lost condition the tendency is to change feeds rather than establish if you are feeding the correct amount of your current diet.

For those feeding a diet based on raw materials of grains, chaff, hay and vitamin and mineral balancer you can still benefit from weighing out you feed to get the balance correct. Most nutritional advisers and computer based dietary programs will provide you a recommendation in kg per day, following this helps to avoid imbalances, under-performance or potentially wasting money by feeding in excess.

To make life a little easier we have weighed out some common feeds in a feed scoop which holds 2 litres of water. You might find it interesting to know that a 2 litre enclosed scoop holds the following weight of feed.

Whole Oats (milling quality) 1150 grams
Steamed & rolled Oats 850 grams
Steamed and Rolled Barley 1200 grams
Cracked Maize 1250 grams
Cracked lupins 1400 grams
Black Sunflower 800 grams
Oaten Chaff 350 grams
Lucerne Chaff 350 grams
Bran 500 grams
NutriRice Range 800 grams
Coprice M 1300 grams
Mitavite (Economix, Breeda & Gumnuts) 750 grams
Release 850 grams
Calm Performer 1250 grams
Breed n Grow 1250 grams
Formula 3 950 grams

It is important to note that there may be some variations in weight depending on the quality of grain being fed. The issue of density is critically important to racing and performance horses. A grain of higher density allows greater weight to be feed in given volumes, therefore increasing energy intake and performance.

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Broadleaf Spraying - How do I calibrate my boom spray?

Many of you are considering spraying your paddocks for broadleaf weeds (eg capeweed) and need to know how much chemical to apply? The answer can be found by reading the label, which will then tell you how much to apply per hectare.

You then ask, but how much chemical do I put in my spray tank? The answer to this depends on the volume of your tank, and what area you will cover when it is full.

The easiest way to determine your application rate of water is to do a trial run.

1. Clean, rinse and fill your tank with a given volume of water, say 10L.

2. Set your tractor, car or bike in a suitable and recorded gear and rev range and travel along until you have sprayed out the 10 L of water, then measure the distance in meters you have travelled (A).

3. Then multiply the distance travelled (A) by the spray width of the boom (B) in meters.

A x B = C (area sprayed in square meters with 10 litres of water)

4. Assuming you have a full tank volume of 100L, multiply the area you have covered with 10L (C) by 10, to calculate the ìareaî you will cover with a full tank (D). Note if you have a 200L tank you multiply by 20, and so on.

C x 10 (for 100L tank) = D (area covered with a full tank)

5. To calculate the proportion of one hectare you have covered (E), with a full tank (D) divide by 10,000, as there are 10,000 square meters in a hectare.

D ˜ 10,000 = E (proportion of one hectare covered with a full tank)

Note: to ensure adequate coverage of herbicide, it is best practice to apply at least 100L of water per hectare. If applying less than 100L, you need to reduce your speed and repeat the procedure above. If you are using in excess of 200L/ha, you may need to increase your speed, and repeat the test.

6. Then you calculate the amount of herbicide you need to add to a full tank, by looking up the required amount of chemical (F), as outlined on the label as an application rate per hectare. You then multiply the area (E) by the application rate (F), to give you the amount of chemical you add to a full tank.

Amount of chemical to add to the tank = E x F

Remember to read the label thoroughly; it will save you time and money in the long run, and ensure your safety.

Liquid Soil Conditioners

We now Have a range of liquid soil conditioners from Organic Crop Protectants (OCP). These eco-Flow products include Gypsum, Dolomite and Lime. These are available in 2 litre and 20 litre packs and provide a more rapid improvement in soil conditions compared to more traditional powdered forms which have a larger particle size. These solutions can be simply diluted down and sprayed over the intended area.

The liquid form allows for DYI application of Lime, Gypsum and Dolomite, as the traditional application of granular/powdered forms require a significant amount of product to achieve a result. For example application rates of powdered lime are in the order of 2.5 tonne per hectare, At these rates it is not practical to apply it yourself and a contractor or spreader truck is required. With eco-flow lime only 1 litre of liquid is equivalent to the clay breaking capacity of 40kg of powdered lime.

We carry a range of OCP products that specialise in integrated pest and disease management and improving the health of you soils.

Electric Fences and Solar Powered Fencing Solutions

Our electric fencing product range, knowledge and service is extensive, and constantly expanding. Portable and permanent fencing solutions available, fence tools and accessories, weighing and EID products, wireless water monitoring solutions, stock prods, power products, and so much more. You will find the animal management solution you’re looking for among our extensive range of quality farm management products.

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